Die Manufacturing Plant:
This plant was founded in 1995. It uses the most advances technology in designing and producing dies for the aluminum industry.
Designs are made by means of CAD computer program, then sent to programmed operation “CAM” that enable making required dies on a computerized milling machine CNC of three axis which makes the cutting process done in an ideal manner, dies then go through spark engraving and wire cutting for the ultimate precision.
Experience, fiexibility, innovation, R&D and quality control are factors helping us meet our client’s orders of any die whatsoever.



Die Correction Department:
There is a die correction department next to each extrusion press. Its task is to keep the dies constantly ready for production according to ordered specifications.
This department performs a set of healthy working conditions utilizing the expertise of well trained professional technicians and modern tools.
Two stations for washing dies by using a washing agent of hot water, sand and corrosion repellent, and a machine to smooth dies by means of special paste, and a special archive for dies are there in this department.







The smelter:
In 2009, a new smelter was put into operation, at this point it became possible to recycle all scrape and waste profiles and reshaping them, in the form of aluminum billet to be re-extruded and re-colored again.
There is also a laboratory that includes a spectrometer to analyze the percentages of metals in the alloy; where proper metals are added to get the ideal mix resembling the quality of the original imported ones in appearance and performance.
This smelter has a state of the art technology; it is equipped with devices to treat emissions for purification to protect and preserve the surrounding environment.