Types of Aluminum profiles produced



  1. Mill finish aluminum profiles:
    Profiles without any surface treatment or coloring. It is used for industrial purposes.

  2. Anodized aluminum profiles (electrically oxidized):
    After polishing, profiles go through an electrochemical process to form a coat of aluminum oxide to make profilesharder. It also adds a nicer look to the profiles and makes it resistant to weather conditions and wear and tear. The anodizing process gives several colors like silver, gold, champagne, bronze (in different shades) and black.

  3. Powder Coated aluminum profiles:
    Aluminum profiles are chemically treated to prepare the surface. They are electro statically sprayed with powder paint and then cured thermally. Powder coated profiles have good weather properties, and they meet the requirements of architects and interior decorators.

  4. Wood-efiect aluminum profiles:
    After powder coating the profiles with a base layer of paint,they are coated with wood imitation film, as requested.
    Afterwards, profiles are thermally treated in special ovens,which gives coated profiles high resistance to weather conditions. The finished profiles enjoy the following:
       -  Maintenance free.
       -  In appearance, they are exactly identical to the top kinds of wood in the world.
       - They are environmental friendly and totally recyclable.
  5. Chemically Brightened Aluminum Profiles:
    New sophisticated equipment is added to those in the anodizing process in order to give profiles special brightness that is required in furniture, interior decorations and shower enclosures.