A message from the founder

It gives me a great pleasure to start with extending my deepest gratitude to our partners in success: those who deal with Madar Aluminum, customers, suppliers, workers and offecials. Before getting into details, I would like to give a quick review about the Group and its companies, its strengths and challenges encountered through the history, and its new activities.
Nowadays, it can be said that any company neglecting continues self-development, in this fast changing world, and stays constantly stable will not have a chance to survive. The wise man who described science that stops for a reason or another was right when he said: “stable science is like
stable ignorance”. This fact goes beyond the boundaries of science. It is true for all human activities in literature, arts, society, economics and hence in industry.
Daaboul Industrial Group started its activities in 1976 by “General Aluminum Company". In 1985 we started the first plant for manufacturing rolling shutters and called it “Madar Rolling Shutter”. In 1996 and 2002 two new production lines were added to this plant, later, a plant for aluminum strip ceilings was created.
In 1993 the Group built a plant for aluminum extrusion and anodizing, that company was called “Madar Aluminum”, today it contains four presses with different capacities: 8 inches, two 7 inches presses and 6 inches. The Group, then, established other different industrial activities, to produce building materials that are comparable in quality to what was imported at that time. Almost all of its machines and equipment are designed and made by its engineers and technicians, of which I mention:
  • Die manufacturing and correction plant.
  • Aluminum profiles powder-coating plant.
  • Accessories manufacturing plant.
  • Aluminum ladders manufacturing unit.

Mohammad Daaboul
Founder and CEO


By the end of the second millennium Madar Glass “Universal Tempered Glass” was founded, then machinery and spare parts construction plant.

Early in 2007 Sama was founded for engineering and fabricating aluminum façades, entrances, doors and windows.
the group also established “Star Animation Company" in 1995, which is considered a leader in animated cartoons industry in the Arab world (cinema, TV, and video).
The number of people working in the Group currently exceeds 1,800 employees.
To conclude, I would like to thank again all our customers, suppliers and workers, to whom the gratitude is owed for Daaboul Industrial Group achievements and the marvelous reputation and trust it has.
May Allah bless us all, and direct us to what is good for the country and nation.