Glance about DIG

Group of companies achieved a level of integration very seldom found in the Middle East.

Our activity in the field of producing aluminum profiles starts at the research and studies department, where Dies are made. The dies made at this company exceed in number two thousand and five hundred of different styles, to meet the demands and tastes
of different customers. This company is always prepared to develop an idea presented by a customer for any shape or new design.

The profiles made at our company include a wide range of styles and colors to meet the demands and tastes of all income brackets of society; ranging from simple profiles to the highest quality of well-known brand systems.

They are anodized, powder -coated or having wood effect. Each type of these profiles has its own specifications and range of use.

The profiles produced are used in construction (doors, windows, façades… etc.).

A big part is used in local industries (accessories, furniture, lighting and transport vehicles, ladders,elevators, shower cabins… etc.).

The production capacity of our plant in the field of aluminum profiles is approximately 24,000 tons per annum.
We constantly work to increase it to meet the local and abroad demands. The number of workers in this field is around one thousand, most of whom are professional engineers and skilled technicians.

Madar Aluminum acquired the following quality certificates:

  • ISO 9001 certificate in 1998 making it on of the first industrial establishment to acquire such a certificate in the field of aluminum industry.
  • The QUALANOD and QUALICOAT in 2009 to make it the first company in the Arab East to acquire these certificates, as an indication of applying the European quality standa

In the field of construction glass:

Madar Glass is one of our companies, and is the first in manufacturing this product in the country. It uniquely and distinctly offers the latest integrated architectural application systems of glass and aluminum, which provided construction in the country with a new elegant look. The company was able to competitively occupy a distinguished position locally and in the Arab world through achieving the safety standards, preserving the environment and by offering diversified products of high quality at reasonable prices.

Madar Glass is the only company in the country and the Arab East to acquire the following certificates:

ISO 9001 Certificate for quality management.

ISO 14001 certificate for quality environmental management.

EN 12150 Certificate for European product quality.

EN 12600 Certificate for European product quality.

EN 1279 Certificate for European product quality.

rds to its products.


Our activities started with the rolling shutters manufacturing in 1985. Therefore, this part should be given a big share of our attention. That is why Madar Rolling shutters is the first leading company in this field, to which the great effort of making this

industry a national industry relying on local skill and expertise is due.

Madar Rolling shutters uniquely offers its high quality services coupled with short and fast delivery time, which gave it a high reputation and widespread demands extending beyond the borders.

 Sama, the oldest of the Group’s companies and the one applying the most modern technologies, started activities under the
name "General Aluminum" in 1976. It operates in the field of aluminum manufacturing with an annual capacity of 200,000 m2 produced by a team of 200 workers utilizing the latest up- to- date German equipment.

Daaboul Industrial Group did not stop to be the best partner to its customers; to make its slogan "Quality worth trust" a source of pride to its administrative staff, employees and those dealing with it, so that sincerity at work, honest dealing and offering the best possible will be the landmarks of the path and the lights on the road of development...