Production Proccess - Powder Coating


Polishing Anodizing  Powder Coating  Woodin Effect

In this plant, aluminium profiles are subjected to a chemical treatment process, in which they are first cleaned, then covered by a chromating layer for good adhesion of powder to profiles, and enhancing their corrosion resistance. Afterwards, they are electrostatically treated and sprayed with certain thermal powders.

The following step is bringing the coated profiles into a special curing oven, so as to polymerize the powder and complete the chemical combination process with the chromating layer. The overall operations result in producing profiles, having more than 15 different colors. The thickness of paint layer is 60 80 microns; the lengths of profiles can reach to 7.5 m, according to the customers needs.

Powder coated profiles meet the requirements of the architectural engineers and decorators for the construction of buildings with extremely attractive doors, windows, building fronts, offices, apartments and kitchens.