French TECHNAL Systems - FB






The FB and insulated FBi range of casement windows and patio doors combines efficiency with cost-effectiveness. The 46mm FB and FBi frames integrate perfectly with GB and GBi sliders, making it possible to create a wide variety of seamless compositions.


Fixed Frame:

  • Fixed frame: 46mm-wide tubular sections with 15, 22 or 42mm-high chamber.
  • Opening frame: 55mm-wide tubular sections with 15 and 22mm-high chamber (FB version).
  • Assembly: mitre-cut with pin or crimp corner-cleats on fixed and opening frames (self-locating on FB model).
  • 3 to 33mm infill. Rabbet height 20mm on both fixed and opening frames.
  • Thermal break provided by a double row of reinforced polyamide strips, crimped on the two aluminium sections. 9mm air gap. Polyamide strips are flush mounted. Continuous EPDM gaskets provide double weatherproofing.
  • On fixed frames water drains off through oblong holes on built-in rebates. On opening frames water is drained and pressure is equalized with outside through oblong holes.
  • Screw-on flashings. Fixed frame available with built-in trim.
  • Stainless steel mountings. Bushed hinges with aluminium insert on opening frame.
  • Quarter-turn espagnolette on inwardopening window. Additional bolt on high frames.
  • Inertia of mullions and transoms is sufficient for the creation of composite structures. Steel reinforcements are available.
  • Screw socket or pin cleat assembly for composite frames.
  • Use of 15/10th aluminium cladding on underside.