Quality Control


Quality control has taken a priority on the strategic goals of the production polices that are adopted by Group. 

The highly efficient and experienced staff, which runs the Quality Control section, sets plans and implements certain methods to ensure that all products meet the requirements of the International Standard Organization (ISO.)


We Provide our customers of the Group with suitable services is a procedural that occupies a central importance in the overall policy of the Group.


To ensure the satisfaction of the customers with the products, services rendered to them, the Group has committed itself to supply them with the strict specifications of their ordered products at the exact delivery date. Since the Group adopts the principle that the customer is always right.


Our Quality Control Department, is one of the fundamental objectives of the Group, is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, we have established of a special department for quality management, prepared all the necessary equipment technology tools. A special laboratory to examine the productions before and during the final production processes, before handing over to customers. To achieve the best possible service to customers, that’s consistent with the requirements of the quality management system ISO (9001), and environmental management system (ISO) 14001.

In 1999 was the first local company awarded ISO 9001 Certificates in the field of aluminum industries.

In 2009 becomes the first company in the Levant to acquire Qualanod and Qualicoat certificates proving that Madar’s products are in parallel to the European Quality Standards.

Meeting these requirements resulted in raising the level of Group’s products to compete with other products, locally or internationally.