Challenges Encountering Methods


The Group encountered many challenges. The following were the most important ones and how they were dealt with:

  1. Preservation of clean environment rationing natural resources consumption; particularly, Water, so the Group erected a water treatment station to treat water after being used, that resulted in reusing high percentage of treated water, in irrigating the many garden spread-out in the Group’s location.

  2. Fortunately, the Group managed to survive The Global Financial Crisis that stormed the USA and the world in 2009, which caused the collapse of a lot of financial institutions, banks and bigger companies in North America and abroad.

  3. The price increase of raw materials and equipment: what took place in the Group was paradoxical, while it strenuously strived to replace many imported materials with local ones and improved performance both in machinery construction plant and aluminum accessories plant, these two plants brilliantly succeeded in producing equipment accessories that used to be imported from abroad.

  4. The Initiatives towards continuous innovation:
    Our companies is known to be an early seeker for any new products, and this desire embrace lots of risks, but when you read books about management and marketing you realize that one who takes the initiative in the market with anything and any products will always be step ahead the others.