Madar Aluminum

Throughout time, experience decisively proved that sincerity and honesty at work, constitute the ingredients of success on the road of development .

Madar Aluminum, started its activities in 1976 by “General Aluminum Company” a small company manufacturing aluminum doors and windows. Now it has become the leading aluminum extrusion company in the Levant region.

Our activity in the field of producing aluminum profiles starts at the research and studies department, where die drawings are developed. Currently the company have more than 2500 different dies of different shapes in order to meet customers demands. This company is also prepared to develop any idea presented by a customer for any new design.

   Madar profiles are made with a wide range of colors and surface finishes to meet the different taste of our customers, they can be anodized, powder-coated or designed with wood effect. Each type of these profiles has its own specifications and range of use.
Profiles produced are used in construction (doors, windows, facades… etc.), and substantial part is also used in many industries (accessories, furniture, lighting, home appliances, transportation vehicles, ladders, elevators, shower cabins… etc.).

The production capacity of our plant is approximately 24,000 tons per annum. We constantly work to increase it to meet the growing domestic and export markets.

Madar Aluminum employs more than one thousand, most of them are professional engineers and skilled technicians.